Youth Program for schoolchildren and students

The IV International Nanotechnology Forum will feature a special Youth Program for schoolchildren and students.

On 26 October, students will have the opportunity to attend a popular-science lecture by Eric Drexler – American scientist and promoter of science in popular culture, with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for original research work in the field of molecular nanotechnology (first work defended in this emerging field). Eric Drexler is one of the coauthors of the U.S. nanotechnology roadmap. Author of the famous book “Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology” (1986).

The main events of the Youth Program will be held on 27-28 October.

On these days, schoolchildren and university students will have the unique opportunity to explore the NanoHouse – the full-scale model of a living space constructed with the nanotechnology developed by the world's leading manufacturers and ОАО RUSNANO engineering companies (building, insulation, structural and finishing materials, water and air filters, ‘smart’ sensors, etc.).

On 27-28 October, the Youth Program of the IV International Nanotechnology Forum invites schoolchildren and university students to visit the RUSNANOTECH Expo, featuring the exposition of modern examples of nanotechnology products, cutting-edge developments in the field of nanotechnology, and nanoindustry equipment in such sectors as:

  • Мachine-building industry
  • Fuel and energy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Atomic industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, telecommunications
  • Electronics, photonics and photovoltaics (PV)
  • Healthcare, medicine and biotechnology
  • Construction, housing and public utilities (including road construction)
  • Manufacture of consumer goods

The RUSNANOTECH Expo creates all of the necessary conditions for the effective demonstration of research developments and finished products, and attracts a massive audience of interested parties.

The RUSNANOTECH Expo will also feature a special lecture series for middle and high school students, including:

  • A program of lectures, master classes and public demonstrations within the framework of the children’s expo “Look, it's NANO!”
  • A guided expo tour with stops at the most popular booths
  • “Meet and greet” with the authors of children’s books on nanotechnology
  • Participation in fun-filled trivia contests for prizes
  • Screenings of films on nanotechnology intended for school-aged children
  • Chance to participate in a children’s artwork contest “Thing of the Future” 

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