Rusnanoprize terms

  • Only successfully commercialized R&D products are accepted.
  • The Prize is awarded regardless of the researcher’s nationality, citizenship, ethnicity, gender, property status and education, as well as to Russian and foreign companies of any range and legal entity.
  • The Prize cannot be granted twice to the same person.
    The Prize cannot be granted to the members of Prize Committee, International Advisory Board, Expert Group, as well as Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine.
    Posthumous awarding is not considered.
  • The Prize can be granted to a company that went into liquidation by the time of the Prize nomination.
  • Not more than 3 (three) winners are to receive the monetary amount within one Prize cycle (the Prize year). In that case the amount is divided equally among the three winners.
    Honorary diploma and the Prize symbol will be awarded only to 1 (one) company that was the first to put R&D projects into mass production or as a result has achieved the greatest commercial success.
  • No changes are allowed in the Researchers’ Team nominated for the Prize. К рассмотрению принимаются только успешно внедренные в массовое производство научные исследования и разработки.