Nomination for the prize

  1. People outside Prize Committee possessing the right to nominate for the Prize:

    • Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine;
    • Members of the Department of Nanotechnology and Informational Technologies Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
    • Nanotechnology International Prize Winners (starting from 2010);
    • Members of International Advisory Board;
    • Members of RUSNANO Supervisory Council;
    • Members of RUSNANO Scientific and Technical Council;
    • Persons recommended by the Prize Committee members from amongst heads of Chairs, professors of leading universities, researchers of scientific centers and businessmen

    Members of Prize Committee and Expert Group do not possess the right to nominate for the Prize.

  2. The Nominator shall clearly specify in the application/nomination form the contribution of each team member and the company nominated for the Prize.

  3. The Prize nomination process is secret. In this regard, there shall be no public discussions and joint nominations.

  4. No self-nomination is allowed.

  5. The nomination shall be conducted in the format, order and terms established by Prize Committee.

  6. Key requirements for the applications/nomination forms:

    • all sections must be filled in;
    • in case of a team nomination, each team member’s contribution should be briefly described;
    • only one company having made the most significant contribution in the implementing indicated R&D project in mass production or having achieved maximum commercial success as a result of the R&D project can enter the contest;
    • only applications that have been duly submitted to the Prize Direction within the current Prize cycle (Prize year) will be considered.