Greetings Co-Chair of the Prize, A.B. Chubais

chubays_128.jpgAnatoly Chubais
Prize Committee Co-Chairman,

Dear colleagues!

We are happy to continue with our traditional RUSNANOPRIZE International Award ceremony we started back in 2009.

As a reminder, last year’s award winners were Lev Feigin, professor, Ph.D. in Physics and Math, and Dmitry Svergun, Ph.D. in Physics and Math (for developing a new X-ray application), and Austrian Hecus X-ray Systems (for pioneering developments in X-ray small-angle equipment). RUSNANOPRIZE-2010 winners’ work extends the material nanodiagnostics potential for R&D and technology centers.

This year, we are happy to present the award in the sphere of nanomaterials. The competition has already started and we will know the results in June 2011. But it is clear today: the competition is going to be hot.

Material science in Russia has always been one of the strongest, most developed inter-disciplinary fields. And, let’s make a point here, one of the strategic for the country. Wide use of nanomaterials enables the creation of products with conceptually new properties in various spheres of industry: from metallurgic and machine engineering to chemicals and electronics.

Let victory be yours, dear RUSNANOPRIZE-2011 nominees!