Greetings from Co-chairman of Rusnanoprize Mr. Jores Alferov

Zhores Alferov
Prize Committee Co-Chairman,
Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Nobel Prize Laureate.

Dear colleagues!

In 2011, we are going to hold the Third International Nanotechnology Award, RUSNANOPRIZE. It is the annual award for discoveries in the fundamental sciences and their applications that significantly change our life.

In 2009, the Award was given to the scientists from Russia and the USA for the pioneering research in semiconductor superlattice and tunnel effects in semiconductors held in 1960s. In 1970s, that research was applied in France in the molecular-beam epitaxy equipment. This technology leads to creating new materials in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, widely used in advanced electronic devices, from a laser pointer to fiber optic communication lines.

In 2010, the Award was presented to the scientists from Russia and Germany for creating a new area of X-ray application: determine the substance structure using X-ray small-angle dissipation. The first research in that area appeared as far back as in 1965, and it is only in 1993 that the Austrian company used this method in X-ray equipment for nanodiagnostics of a wide range of nanomaterials. Now, one can come across this company’s diagnostic equipment in many technology and R&D centers of the world.

The International Nanotechnology Award is the recognition of the scientists and researchers, who laid the theoretical basis for new technologies, and the companies, whose products define the shape of today’s world. It’s very important to remember that any new technology has not evolved in one day, it’s a process consuming many years and efforts of dozens and hundreds of talented and hard-working people: scientists, engineers and businessmen.

In 2011, the Award is established in the sphere of Nanomaterials. I am sure that the Award Directorate will receive a lot of interesting and powerful applications. It will be challenging for everyone who is participating in the winner selection to choose the worthiest application reflecting the whole way through, from idea to technology.