Forum program

Section: “Nanocenters: Opportunities to Commercialize Scientific Research and Find Technological Solutions”

Moderator: Yevdokimov Managing Director Infrastructure project Department, RUSNANO Russia

At the initiative of RUSNANO, 10 nanotechnology centers will be launched in Russia by the end of 2011.
The RUSNANO nanotechnology centers, or Nanocenters, are special organizations: ‘engines’ for the production of businesses, which will create all the conditions for the launch and comfortable development of high-tech private business at the earliest stages of commercialization of innovative projects. These also contain modern research equipment, special economic and financial conditions for start-up projects. Is there an understanding in the scientific and business communities of the primary role and utility of the Nanocenters being set up? Will the creation of Nanocenters in Russia allow for the formation of market commercialization for scientific developments that corresponds with international standards? Are there enough projects in Russia to attract into the new Nanocenters?
In the section:

  • Presentation of RUSNANO initiatives in establishing nanocenters and their role in supporting the commercialization of technological developments in Russia.
  • Specialization of RUSNANO nanocenters in terms of the capabilities of equipment offered for use, and the range of business and technology services.
  • Nanocenters – resolving technological problems for large and medium-sized industrial companies.
  • Opportunities and conditions for the commercialization of R&D through RUSNANO nanocenters.
  • Examples of successful international nanocenters.

The first day, 26 October

13:40 - 15:00 Lunch