Forum program

Section: “Development of hi-tech technology in the construction industry”

Moderator: Kazinets Chairman of the Board Barkley Russia

More and more companies, when faced with a need for capital construction, search for effective innovative solutions to reduce construction and operating costs for buildings.
In response to demands from consumers, materials with unique properties are already entering the market. For example, composite armour, low-e glass, non-flammable thermal and sound insulation materials, membrane systems for water and air purification, LED lighting and many others.
Consequently, the complexity of the challenges facing construction companies increases annually, and today, in order to comply with the high technological and safety standards that modern society and business demands from its buildings, construction companies must use innovative building materials.
What can generate interest among building owners to widely use innovative building materials in construction and engineering infrastructure? What innovative building materials are already on the market? Where to find highly qualified personnel to design and build modern, technologically advanced facilities? How to overcome administrative barriers to the use of new materials in large-scale construction?
In the section:

  • Presentation and discussion of the results technological research in the industry: On the development of nanotechnology in the construction industry.
  • Demonstration of products using nanotechnology in construction.
  • Discussion of the possibility of reducing the potential health risk of building materials containing nano-materials.

The first day, 26 October

13:40 - 15:00 Lunch