Forum program

Section: “Nanotechnology in organic and printed electronics”

Creation of new technologies in the field of organic and printed electronics creates new horizons for development of electronic devices. These are flexible displays that can replace paper, cheap materials for production of light diodes, solar panels, chip RFID tags replacing ordinary bar codes which store information about shelf life and producer. Can Russia become the leader of the emerging industry? When the market will see the new devices? What opportunities are created by the new technology for the mass consumer?

The program of the section includes:

  • Presentation of new technologies and key materials, used in organic electronics
  • Discussion of new functional opportunities and promising devices on the basis of printed electronics. Perspective markets
  • Presentations if specialists in the field of venture financing and legal advisors, specializing on intellectual property protection
  • Discussion about the future of nanotechnologies in consumer electronics

The second day, 27 October

13:45 - 15:00 Lunch