Information on accreditation

1. General Provisions

1.1. Accreditation of mass media representatives (hereinafter – media representatives) to the International Forum on Nanotechnology Rusnanotech (hereinafter – the Forum or Forum Rusnanotech) is undertaken for the purpose of ensuring the conditions necessary for the professional work of media representatives and dissemination of complete and accurate information on the Forum events.

1.2. While performing professional activities, media representatives are required to respect the rights and interests of participants and personnel of the Forum Rusnanotech and observe generally accepted standards of journalistic ethics.

1.3. Accreditation of media representatives is carried out in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation On Mass Media and present Regulations for the benefit of successful mutual collaboration and for regulating the work of media representatives at the Forum Rusnanotech events.

1.4. Accreditation of media representatives is obligatory for work at all Forum events.

1.5. Nanotechnology Promotion Foundation Forum Rusnanotech (Foundation Forum Rusnanotech) is entitled to use the text of articles, photos and video materials, received or created by the media representatives during the preparation or conduct of the Forum, with reference to the authors of these materials.

2. Accreditation of Media Representatives

2.1. Persons eligible for accreditation

2.1.1. Media editorial staff registered under the federal law On Mass Media is eligible for accreditation to the Forum Rusnanotech.

2.2. Persons not eligible for accreditation

2.2.1. Persons who are not representatives of the media

2.2.2. Representatives of non-core media publications, advertising publications, catalogs, and Internet portals who do not publish economic and political news.

2.3. The number of accredited media representatives

2.3.1. Due to the limited capacity of the Forum Rusnanotech area infrastructure, and in effort to provide media representatives with a maximally comfortable work environment and quick access to all necessary resources, the number of media representatives admitted to the Forum Rusnanotech is limited.

2.3.2. Accreditation Quotas.

· Print publications:

Newspapers – 3 persons (2 journalists, 1 photographer),

Magazines – 2 persons (1 journalist, 1 photographer),

News Agencies – 2 persons (1 journalist, 1 photographer),

Information Portals – 1 person (1 journalist),

Specialized publications – 2 people;

· TV companies

No more than 7 persons;

· Radio companies

No more than 2 persons.

2.3.3. The Organizing Committee of the Forum Rusnanotech can increase the quota upon official request of the media if a valid reason is specified in this request.

2.3.4. The participation quotas of the Forum Rusnanotech media partners are included in the packets for media partners.

2.4. Procedure for submission and review of the application for accreditation

2.4.1. Representatives of media organizations wishing to participate in covering the Forum Rusnanotech events, must submit application for accreditation (hereinafter – Application) via the official website of the Forum Rusnanotech (

2.4.2. All fields in the accreditation form must be completed.

2.4.3. The period for applications via the official website of the Forum Rusnanotech is from September 5, 2011 to October 19, 2011.

2.4.5. Organizing Committee of the Forum Rusnanotech reserves the right to refuse the accreditation of media representative without explanation.

2.4.6. The accreditation of media representatives is valid for the duration of the Forum Rusnanotech from October 26 to October 28, 2011.

2.5. Issue of accreditation badges

2.5.1. Media representatives will receive accreditation badges providing that accreditation is confirmed in the Forum Rusnanotech database.

2.5.2. Accreditation badges are issued at the media Registration counter in Hall 7 of the CEC Expocenter.

2.5.3. Accreditation badges can be issued only under the following conditions:

• having accreditation confirmed in the SPIEF database;

• presenting passport (passport number must match the number indicated in the SPIEF database) and editorial identity or the RF MFA accreditation card.

2.5.4. The badge is intended to be worn by only the designated person and its transfer to the third parties during the Forum Rusnanotech is strictly prohibited. The badge must be worn for the duration of the Forum.

2.5.5. Any other accreditation cards are not valid.

2.5.6. In case of loss, theft or damage of the accreditation badge, media representative must immediately notify any administrator at the information service counter. Subsequently, the missing badge will be blocked and a duplicate will be issued on the basis of written statement from the media representative.

3. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited to the Forum Rusnanotech

3.1. Media representative accredited to the Forum Rusnanotech is entitled to:

3.1.1. use all the services specially arranged for the journalists' work;

3.1.2. receive information about official events and exhibitions at the Forum Rusnanotech (press releases, business program, entry list, participants’ catalogs, etc.);

3.1.3. participate in the Forum Rusnanotech events, according to the level of access;

3.1.4. work at the Press Center of the Forum Rusnanotech during official events of the Forum Rusnanotech; use the infrastructure of the Forum Rusnanotech e Press Center;

3.1.5. participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.

3.2. Media representative accredited to the Forum Rusnanotech is obligated to:

3.2.1. verify the accuracy of the reporting information;

3.2.2. satisfy the requests of the persons who provided the information regarding proper source siting, and the authorization of the quoted statement, if it is not a public domain;

3.2.3. notify the citizens and officials about audio and video recordings, film and photography while obtaining information from them;

3.2.4. present on demand the editorial card or other proof of identity confirming journalistic credentials while conducting professional business;

3.2.5. not to use their professional resources for the purpose of concealing information or falsifying socially significant information, spreading rumors under the pretense of credible reports, gathering information for the benefit of a third party or entity other than the media;

3.2.6. not to make photo / video recording if directed by the Forum security staff;

3.2.7. media representatives must follow the Citation Policies of the Forum Rusnanotech while using the official information and quoting statements of the International Nanotechnology Forum Rusnanotech participants; in particular: finished materials must include a reference to the Forum Rusnanotech and sources of information, and for the electronic media – must include a link to the official website of the Forum Rusnanotech ( The introduction of any changes, additions or distortions in the copied (cited) information is not permitted.