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Nobel Prize Winner, Prof. Zhores I. Alferov to open Solar Russia 2011

Prof. Zhores I. Alferov, the winner of 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics and member of the Russian State Parliament, the Duma, will open Solar Russia 2011, a part of RUSNANOTECH Forum to be held on 27 October in Moscow’s Expocenter.

The event, organised by RUSNANO with the principal institutional partnership of PV RUSSIA, the Russian Solar Energy Industry Association representing all major companies in the country and Solar PV Consulting, aims at kicking-off the domestic market in the country in a sustainable way.

“We are proud that Prof. Alferov will open and be present at Solar Russia 2011” - says Anton Usachev, Coordinator of PV RUSSIA – “our organization calls for the new Renewable Energy Law to be shaped in 2012 and to be effective from 2013, which will allow a sustainable market development, and presence of such personalities like Prof. Alferov will attract attention to the important mission of the event.

“First part of Solar Russia will be devoted to the market perspectives and policy tendencies worldwide, than we will analyze the current situation and perspectives in our country” – continues Anton Usachev

“Our colleagues from EPIA (the European Photovoltaic Industry Association) and national solar industry associations from Italy, Bulgaria and Ukraine will share their experience in building solar markets, then we will discuss: How to build a sustainable market and industry in Russia?”

“Second part will focus on the investment opportunities in the solar sector and technology roadmaps” –noted Tomasz Slusarz, CEO of Solar PV Consulting and Program Coordinator - ”During the financial and investor session Russian investors will learn about opportunities in the solar business within the whole value chain starting from innovation, going through manufacturing to solar parks.”

“I am sure that when big Russian companies such Gazprom, Lukoil and big investors understand real opportunities and business models in the solar business, they will also be willing to have such opportunities in their home country. So let us cross the fingers for that, and I am sure that Russia will join a family of GWs market size countries in the years to come.” – ads Tomasz Slusarz.

Technology session chaired and moderated by Heinz Kundert, President of SEMI Europe will start with RUSNANO Solar Innovation Award Ceremony.

“Later stage start-up projects and companies in the solar PV industry, academia and R&D community can nominate their innovations in solar technology to the Award until October 12th” – says Veronika Fidler, coordinating the award from the side of RUSNANO.

“We would like to acknowledge and award later stage start-up projects and companies in the solar PV industry, academia and R&D community, who bring new cutting edge and innovative solar technologies within the whole value chain with a real potential to become break-through technologies on the dynamic solar market and become industry standards in the future.”

The winner will be chosen by The High Level Committee Co-Chaired by Prof. Zhores Alferov, and Prof. Eicke Weber, Director of Fraunhofer ISE, and will be composed by over 40 well recognised representatives of the solar industry, R&D community, representatives of leading international and national industry organisations, as well as top experts and consultants.

Being chosen and awarded by reputable members of the High Level Committee and being the only Winner of RUSNANO Solar Innovation Award will give an excellent opportunity to attract attention to the winner’s innovation from the side of the industry leaders but also investors.

This should allow him/her to accelerate his/her innovation’s path form the starting-up, research or laboratory phase to successful implementation on the solar market.

After an intensive and hopefully fruitful event, Russian and international attendees of Solar Russia will join the Solar Networking Dinner which will give an excellent opportunity to get together and further explore possibilities of collaboration in the solar business.

The detailed program, and information about Solar Russia 2011, is being constantly updated on

For more information about the Program of Solar Russia please contact Veronika Fidler or Tomasz Slusarz at

Submission of a Nomination to RUSNANO Solar Innovation Award 2011

A Nomination Form, which can be downloaded here:,816.html must be filled out, signed and submitted for each nomination to Tomasz Slusarz copy Veronika Fidler from RUSNANO Team

High Level Committee members of Solar Russia 2011

and RUSNANO Solar Innovation Award 2011

High Level Committee Chairmen:

Prof. Zhores I. Alferov, Nobel Prize Laureate, IOFFE Physico-Technical Institute St. Petersburg and Prof. Eicke Weber, Director of Fraunhofer ISE


· Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, EPIA Vice-President, Belgium

· Heinz Kundert, President SEMI Europe, Belgium

· Sergey Polikarpov, Managing Director at RUSNANO

· PV RUSSIA representative - Evgeniy Zagorodnyi, CEO of Hevel Solar

Program Coordinator: Tomasz Slusarz, Solar PV Consulting, Belgium

High Level Committee Members:

R&D / Technical background

· Jean-Pierre Joly, General Director of INES (The National Solar Energy), France

· Prof. Viacheslav M. Andreev, Head of Photovoltaics Laboratory, IOFFE Physico-Technical Institute St. Petersburg

· Arkadii Naumov, Kvar, Russia

· Dr. Konstantin Tuzovskiy, CEO of Quinttech, Russia

· Robert de Franclieu, Apollon Solar, France


· Barbara Rudek, SHARP Solar, Germany

· Dr. Dirk Sinerius, Senior Manager, Head of Sales Northern Europe and Russia, Oerlikon, Switzerland

· Bernhard Dimmler, Würth Solar

· Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President of Enerpont

· Enrico Carniato, Europe Sales Director at Upsolar

· Peter Deege, Managing Director EMEA at Satcon Technology

· Arturo Herrero, CMO at Jinko Solar, China

· Klaus Eberhardt, M+W Germany GmbH – A Company of the M+W Group, Germany

· Gianfranco Nembrini, General Director, ZAO Santerno, Moscow

· Georgiy Seropyan, Hermes Solar, Bulgaria

· C.Y. Ma, President & C.O.O, Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp., Taiwan

Investors/ Financing

· Guido Agostinelli, Managing Partner at Syntegra Solar, Switzerland (Former Senior Associate at Good Energies), Switzerland

· Yaroslav Kuznetsov, NAVI Capital Management, a company of RENOVA Group

· Simona Apostol-Siegl, Global Key Account Manager Competence Center Renewable Energies, Unicredit Leasing, Austria

· Veronika Fidler, RUSNANO

· Alexander Kalinnikov, RUSNANO

Consultants/ Market Research/ Experts

· Daniela Schreiber, EuPD, Germany

· Henning Wicht, IHS iSuppli, Germany