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Section: “The development of innovative technology in the construction industry”, at the Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011

As part of the International Nanotechnology Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011, which is to take place in the Expocenter in Moscow on October 26-28, 2011, a section is to be held on 26.10.2011 on the Development of innovative technology in the construction industry.

The section will open with a presentation of the results of technical research in the sector into the potential for developing nanotechnology in the construction industry, which is currently being carried out jointly by Booz &Co and the Russian Engineering Academy, at the request of RUSNANO.

After the presentation, there will be a panel discussion on current issues with the use of innovative solutions and materials in construction. In particular, participants will share their experiences in overcoming barriers in implementing new technologies in the industry, will discuss ways to stimulate demand for hi-tech solutions in the construction and creation of engineering infrastructure, and will review the main problems faced by foreign and Russian innovative businesses in Russia, and ways to overcome them.

It is planned that the participants in the discussion will include Lafarge Cement General Director Alex de Valukhoff, Technical Committee No. 465 Director Larisa Barinova, Russian Union of Builders President Vladimir Yakovlev, Queen’s University Belfast Professor Peter Bartos (United Kingdom), LLC BASF Construction Systems General Director Sergey Vetlov, MC Bauchemiе General Director Alexander Mondrus, and other industry experts and managers.

Leonid Kazinets, Chairman of the Board at Barkli, will act as moderator for the panel discussion.

After the panel discussion, the section will continue with a series of presentations on experience of using innovative materials in capital construction and building repairs. The participants will be addressed by Krost General Director Alexei Dobashin, NAMIKS Vice President Valery Kazeikin, and Triada-Holding General Director Andrey Shilin.

The section will end with presentations by representatives from innovative companies, including those set up with RUSNANO participation, who will discuss new materials and solutions for the construction industry.