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Publishing company IOP Publishing Limited has published materials of the RUSNANOTECH 2010 science and technology program

The science

The science and technology program materials of the III International Forum on Nanotechnologies RUSNANOTECH 2010 were published for the first time by foreign publishing peer-reviewed Journal of Physics: Conference series. The magazine is published by IOP Publishing Limited – a world leader in scientific publishing.

The materials published by IOP Publishing are the main source of information on the latest results of international researches on physics and related disciplines, including the nanotechnology. The publisher publishes more than 300 000 open access scientific articles combining over 130 years of scientific researches.

The application IOPscience express, recently released by IOP Publishing for iPhone users, allows viewing and downloading scientific work of the participants in Forum RUSNANOTECH making them available to the global professional community.

IV International Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011 will be held in Moscow from October 26 to October 28. You can register for the Forum and introduce a scientific paper in the Private Office of Forum participant.