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For the first time, the Kingdom of Spain will have a stand at the International Nanotechnology Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011

For the first time, the Kingdom of Spain will have a stand at the International Nanotechnology Forum RUSNANOTECH 2011.

The exhibit has been organized as part of the bilateral project 2011, Year of Russia and Spain, and aims to expand cooperation between the two countries in science and technology, education and innovation.

As part of the exhibit, a presentation will be held of products and developments from the 20 leading Spanish hi-tech companies, and also projects by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and the Spanish National Research Council.

At the NANOBIOMATTERS INDUSTRIES SL stand, visitors to RUSNANOTECH Expo can become acquainted with nanotech developments for the automotive and textile industries, medicine healthcare and agriculture.

A large number of developments will be presented as part of the national exhibit TECNOLOGIA NAVARRA DE NANOPRODUCTOS S.L (TECNAN). For example, mixed nano-oxides, characterized by their extremely small particle diameters and purity, as well as mixed nano-oxide dispersions with exceptional stability, which are perfectly suited to the requirements. At the company’s stand, visitors to the exhibition will also be able to evaluate TECNADIS GLS – a new development based on nanotechnology and consisting of a hydrophilic glass system designed to improve visibility in fog and to protect glass against stains, or TECNADIS PRS – a hydrophobic nanosystem with water-repellent properties, which can also be used in the automotive industry.

The private company Graphenea, which specializes in the production of graphene for industrial use in the aviation, automobile and telecommunications industries and also in fuel production and electrification, is presenting its products at the exhibition: single and multilayer graphene sheets, as well as products made from this material.

Over 30 different technologies and developments will be presented in the catalogue of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The Council consists of over 150 scientific centers across the world, with over 15 000 scientific workers.

On the stand of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, visitors to the Forum will find the information they need on the activities of many of the Ministry’s scientific projects, along with their results.

The Kingdom of Spain is participating in the RUSNANOTECH Forum with the organizational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.