Exhibition Rusnanotech Expo 2011

IV International Exhibition RUSNANOTECHEXPO 2011

within the frame of IV Nanotechnology International Forum

October 26-28, 2011, Moscow, International Exhibition Center of Moscow, pavilion «Forum»

RusnanotechExpo Exhibition provides all the necessary conditions for effective demonstration of research developments and manufactured nanotechnology products and also attracts mainstream audience.

Products, presented at the Exhibition, demonstrate different stages of innovative cycle from idea and innovation project to nanotechnology products, that offers an excellent opportunity to establish direct contacts between Russian and foreign researchers, manufacturers and consumers. In 2010 the Exhibition demonstrated modern samples of nanotechnology products, newest research developments in the nanotechnology sphere and equipment for nanotechnology.

366 companies participated in the Exhibition in 2010 from 33 regions of the Russian Federation and 14 countries (Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Iran, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, USA). Net Exhibition floor space made 4072 sq.m.

Main Subject of the Exhibition

Nanotechnologies in Industries

  • Machinery
  • Fuel-and-Energy Sector
  • Chemical Industry
  • Hi-Tech Industries (Nuclear Industry, Aero Industry, Space Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Communications)
  • Electronics, Photonics and Photovoltaics
  • Healthcare, Medicine and Biotechnologies
  • Construction and Housing and Public (Road and House Construction)
  • Consumer Goods Production

Production and Application of Nanotechnology Products

  • Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics Component Base: Chips, Memory, LCD-displays
  • Sensors and Oriented Devices
  • Catalysts, Adsorbents, Membranes and Oriented Products
  • Organic and Polymeric Nanomaterials and Fibers
  • Nanostructured Powders and Volumetric Materials
  • Carbon Nanomaterials: Nanodiamond, Carbon Nanotube, Fullerene, Graphene
  • Structural and Functional Nanomaterials
  • Nanoelectromechanical Systems
  • Nanodiagnostics
  • Nanoindustry Devices and Equipment

Innovative Economy Institutions

  • Countries Innovative Systems
  • Innovation Economy Investment Tools: Venture Funds, Seed Funds, Business Angels
  • Innovation Economy Architecture: Technology Parks, Technology Development Special Economic Zones, Business Incubators, Public Research Pools, Regional Programs of Nanotechnologies Development
  • Certification, Standartization and Technical Regulation for Safety and Quality in Nanoindustry
  • Science and Education

Foresight, Roadmaps and Indicators for Nanotechnology and Nanoindustry