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International Competition for Scientific Papers in Nanotechnology for Young Researchers

The IV International Competition of Scientific Papers in Nanotechnology for Young Researchers to be held within the framework of the IV Nanotechnology International Forum RusNanoTech’2011, lead by RUSNANO on October 26-28, 2011 in the International Exhibition Center of Moscow - “The Expocenter”.

The main purpose of the competition is to bring the scientific achievements of young researchers in the field of nanotechnology to the attention of the scientific and business communities. Scientific papers are accepted for consideration conducted with coauthors in which the personal contribution of the contest participants themselves is instrumental. Russian and foreign students, master’s students, graduate students, and doctoral students from institutes of higher learning may participate in the competition, as may young scientists (doctoral candidates, Ph.D.s) 35 years of age or younger.

Contents of scientific papers submitted to the competition have to comply with topics of the Forum’s scientific and technological sections. The paper should contain clear definition of issue, its urgency, scientific and practical values.

To submit a paper, you should:

1. Pass a registration at the Forum web-site Then after you will receive a login and a password to enter your Member Area.

2. Upload your abstract in a Member Area in accordance with technical requirements.

Papers should be submitted before August 1, 2011.

All papers will be considered and evaluated by the corresponding Commisions. The list of admitted participants will be published on the Forum web-site before August 15, 2011.

Authors, whose papers will be approved by Commissions, will be freed from registration fee. Scientific papers will be placed on the Forum as poster presentations. Participants will be informed about the requirements to the posters and outcomes of preliminary selection before August 20, 2011. The competition participants will have to attend the Forum personally and give presentation of their papers to Commissions. The Commissions will examine poster presentations to select the best papers in each section.

Awarding ceremony will be held at the Forum on October 28, 2011. Authors of the best papers will be awarded with honorable Forum’s Diploma, Laureate pins. The prizewinners in each section will be also awarded with prize money*:

1-st place – 50 000 RuR.**;

2-nd place – 40 000 RuR.;

3-d place – 30 000 RuR.

* Please note that income-tax will be collected: 13 % for Russia’s residents and 30% - for foreigners.

** For reference: approx. 1 USD = 28,5 RuR., 1 Euro = 40 RuR. 

Российская молодежная премия

РМП: Результатом 25-летней работы научной школы является реальный, живой бизнес. Его технологии позволяют бесшумно и безотходно осуществлять механическую обработку сложнейших поверхностей в 3D, которые другим способом просто невозможно обработать. Нам кажется это направление перспективным, завод пущен и развивается.

Мы будем поддерживать его в дальнейшем, тем более, что он конкурентоспособен не только по российским, но и по мировым меркам.

ЗАО «Новые инструментальные решения» - на этом заводе в городе Рыбинск ионо-плазменное напыление обеспечивает нанесение покрытия на режущий инструмент (сверла, фрезы), которое дает очень сильный эффект и по ресурсу: по срокам работы между переточками, и позволяет существенно увеличить скорость вращения инструмента – что, как знают специалисты, является стратегическим направлением развития всего станкостроения. Проект тоже имеет серьезные перспективы и мы намереваемся продолжать поддерживать этот завод, который уже работает в городе Рыбинск.ЗАО «Оптоган» - петербургский светодиодный завод, один из наших флагманских проектов. Пущен завод в прошлом году и мы намерены агрессивно наращивать темпы развития бизнеса вместе с нашим партнером Михаилом Прохоровым. Мы считаем, что мы попали в то направление, которое открывает объемы только российского рынка (!) в миллиарды долларов. то производственные пуски 2010 года. Из только что пущенного или вот-вот готовящегося к запуску в 2011 году.

Результатом 25-летней работы научной школы является реальный, живой бизнес. Его технологии позволяют бесшумно и безотходно осуществлять механическую обработку сложнейших поверхностей в 3D, которые другим способом просто невозможно обработать. Нам кажется это направление перспективным, завод пущен и развивается.

NIP_Logo The international Award in the Field of Nanotechnology RUSNANOPRIZE

Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) established Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE award. 2009 upwards the Prize is awarded to researchers whose nanotechnology discoveries and innovations have been applied to production as well as to companies that practically implemented them.

Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE has been set up to promote:

  • Widespread public recognition of R&D background and practical application of nanotechnologies
  • Development of experimental and applied nanotechnology R&D and its implementation into mass production
  • International cooperation in the field of nanotechnologies
  • Public recognition of the role of individual researchers and research teams that brought R&D activity into life

The Prize is awarded on a yearly basis in one of the following fields: NanoElectronics, NanoBiotechnology, NanoMaterials, and NanoDiagnostics.

In 2009, Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE in the field of NanoElectronics was awarded to professor Leonid Keldysh (Russia) for pioneering research of semiconductor superlattices and tunneling phenomenon in semiconductors, widely used in nanostructure technology for nanoelectronic devices, especially in the molecular beam epitaxy, to professor Alfred Y. Cho (USA) for pioneering research and development of the molecular beam epitaxy, especially for nanoheterostructure technology widely used in nanoelectronics, as well as to RIBER S.A. (France) in the person of Frederick Goutard for development of molecular beam epitaxy equipment.

In 2010, the Prize in the field of «NanoDiagnostics» has been awarded to professor Lev Feigin (Russia) and professor Dmitri Svergun (Germany) for the development of small angle X-ray scattering technique for structural diagnostics of nano-particles and systems. Hecus X-Ray Systems Gmbh. (Austria) was awarded for the development and production of small angle X-ray scattering equipment.

In 2011 the Prize will be awarded in the field of NanoMaterials.

The Prize monetary part in 2010 will be three million rubles, more than $90,000. The award ceremony will take place in Moscow in November 2011 during the IV Nanotechnology International Forum.

The Prize set includes:

  • Prize symbol
  • Honorary diploma
  • Laureate pin
  • Monetary part

Monetary part of the Prize, Prize Symbols, Prize Honorary Diplomas, and Laureate Pins are awarded to researchers, scientists and developers (up to three persons) being the citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries, that are the authors of scientific-technological discovery or discoveries on one topic or one field that have been applied to production.

The company being the first to apply the discovery (discoveries) to mass production or having reached maximum commercial success through the application of the discovery (discoveries) is awarded with the Prize Honorary Diploma and the Prize Symbol.

The following administrative bodies are involved in the management and awarding of the Prize: Prize Committee, Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, International Advisory Board, Expert Group, and Prize Directorate.