About "Rusnanotech forum" fund

Rusnanotech Forum Fund for the nanotechnology development was established on 26 January 2010. RUSNANO management board member and corporate director Andrey Trapeznikov was appointed as chairman of the fund’s board of trustees; and Olga Moiseeva– as general director.
The Fund’s activities are aimed at developing nanotechnology in Russia, as well as the promotion of nanotechnology and innovative developments in Russia and abroad. Following a decision from the RUSNANO Supervisory Board, the function of organizing and holding the annual RUSNANOTECH Nanotechnology International Forum has been handed over to the Rusnanotech Forum Fund.
In addition to holding the forum, the Fund organizes the RUSNANOPRIZE Nanotechnology International Prize, the Russian Youth Nanotechnology Award and an International Competition of Scientific Papers for Young Nanotechnology Researchers. The Rusnanotech Forum Fund also organizes participation by RUSNANO and its design companies in the largest exhibitions in Russia and abroad.